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Quick and Easy Pancake Recipe

One of the greatest things my family does is eat together. The only meal we miss each day is lunch which is beyond our control.  Sitting down for dinner and breakfast allows us the time to reconnect and find out … Continue reading

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Heart Smart Bacon

I hit 41 this year.  Yes I am getting old, and I am starting to realize that I need to start looking after my heart and the other crap that makes you … go. Don’t get me wrong, for a … Continue reading

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Bacon Chutney (AKA Jam, Spread, Awesome Mouth Love!)

Sometime in 2009 I heard of this wondrous recipe called bacon jam (chutney..whatever) and was so intrigued by it that I had to make it. I was totally mesmerized by the whole idea of making a spread out of meat other than … Continue reading

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Bacon Pecan Brittle

When I hear brittle I think automatically of that light airy peanut brittle we usually purchase in stores, made light and airy by baking soda.  This is nothing like that at all. When I decided to make this candy delight … Continue reading

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Bacon Mayonnaise

If you follow my stories or life to any length at all, you will know three things about me for sure. First; I like to experiment with food, a lot. It doesn’t matter if it’s been made before, or after … Continue reading

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Home Cured Maple Bacon

For years I have been interested in charcuterie but have always been hesitant to try. The couple of times I did I had good results; Bacon was no different. Like the vast majority of the western world I have a … Continue reading

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Smokin’ Jalapeno Bites (aka ABT’s)

Smokin Jalapeno Bite’s (Otherwise known as ABT’s) is one of the products that I get asked about the most at Buster Rhino’s and by our friends. These delicious appetizers are easy to make and enjoyed by all those that try them. … Continue reading

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