Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo

There really isn’t much to say about this, except that it’s the single perfect topping for any sort of tortilla you may be having, or as a stand alone munchie. There are probably 1000 different recipes and I would bet that my recipe changes every single time I do it. That is alright though a recipe is really just a guidebook, you don’t have to follow it exactly.

If you are making my Shredded Beef you will want to definitely make this Pico de Gallo to go along with it. This topping on it’s own is a show stealer, together with the meat and corn tortilla’s it’s like Peanut Butter and Jam sandwich.

NOTE: When I suggest that you cut your Tomato’s and Onion into small cuts it means do it to your size liking. I know people who like a chunkier Pico de Gallo and others who like a very fine one. Beth and I like it either way but I tend to cut into small pieces.

Cutting board, sharp knife, large non reactive bowl, microplane, juicer (I use a wooden one), a spoon for mixing.

9-10 Ripe Roma Tomato’s
2 Limes for Juice
1 Large Vidalia  Onion
1/2 of a Jalapeno OR 1/2 of a Chipotle Pepper
Handful Cilantro (or to taste, I like lots, so does Beth)
Zest of 1 Lime
Salt to taste

Cut your Roma Tomato’s into quarters, remove the seeds and wet stuff.  Then dice the remainder of the Roma’s and put into the bowl. Cut the Vidalia onion into the same size cubes as the Roma Tomato’s and put into the bowl with them.

Use the microplane to zest one of the limes into the bowl, then cut the two limes in half and juice them over the onion and tomato. Finely cut your Jalapeno or Chipotle to the size you would like, I use a very very fine dice for my Chipotle, add enough heat to make you happy. Remember this is a guideline if you want to cut back on the heat do it before, if you want to add heat then do it after a sample. It will get hotter as the day goes on.

Add your Cilantro to the mix and then salt and pepper to taste. Start with just a pinch of salt, this dish should not be salty and really should taste like fresh summer garden when you are done.

Stir (which I hope you did all along) and enjoy!

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