Korean BBQ (or my take on it)

Korean BBQ

My wonderful wife, Beth, loves Korean BBQ and raves about it every time she gets a chance to visit the Pacific Mall in Markham. We have both been particularly busy lately and I was able to leave work a few minutes early and figured why not make something she would like. Well personally I have never made Korean BBQ so I looked over a ton of recipes and just figured I would make my own take on what it might be. So for those of you that are Korean BBQ Diehard’s don’t shoot the chef, I am just playing with my food. (By the way, the reason it made it to the blog was because it was totally amazing).

2 cutting boards (or 1, and a good cleansing in between), sharp knive, juicer, microplane, 1 medium sized bowl, 1 small bowl, wooden spoon, heavy bottomed pot OR BBQ OR Oven.

454 g (1lb) top sirloin steak, thinly sliced
45ml  (3tbsp) brown sugar
2 limes, Juice from both, zest from 1
30ml  (2tbsp) soy sauce
30ml (2tbsp) sesame oil
15ml (1tbsp) Rice Wine Vinegar (or wine, or sake)
1 clove (roughly 10ml, or 2 tsp) minced fresh garlic
15ml (1tsp) fresh grated ginger
5ml (1tsp) kosher salt
5ml (1tsp) freshly ground black pepper
sesame seeds
Cashews for the topping
fresh cilantro for topping

The first thing you will need to do is thinly slice your beef, the thinner it’s sliced the faster it will marinate and the quicker it will cook. The other benefit of thin slices is how tender it will be.

Once you have finished slicing the beef deposit in your large bowl, then add your brown sugar and mix thoroughly until coated. Let rest for 10 minutes. Then add the zest from 1 lime, cut the limes in half and juice them and add that to the meat as well, stir.

Mix the remaining ingredients together in the other small bowl, after your meat has completed the 10 minute rest and you have added the lime you can now go ahead and add the rest of the mixed ingredients.

You should let this rest for about 20 – 30 minutes at least, longer if possible (but not required).

Grilling method: While you are waiting for your meat to marinate start up your gas grill, or preferred charcoal grill (like a Weber Kettle). Charcoal is always better with a few wood chips.  Once the meat has marinated cook on the charcoal or gas grill, it will only take a couple of minutes, remember they are thin pieces. You can take the marinade and reduce it to make a wonderful sauce for after.

Stove Top Method: heat up your heavy bottomed pan, add some olive or canola oil to the pan when hot, put the meat into the pan and cook until the marinade resembles a thin sauce (about 8 minutes).

Oven Method: Put oven onto broil and cook meat until done, once again it won’t take long. Reduce marinade to make a sauce.

Once done top with sesame seeds, dress with cashews and cilantro put on a bed of rice with some stir fried veggies. Makes a wonderful dish.

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