About Us

The Culprits;

Darryl Koster (aka Daddy, @BusterRhinosBBQ etc):

I am the main cook of the house and I own and operate Buster Rhino’s Southern BBQ in Whitby Ontario which produces Southern BBQ Products for the foodservice industry.  These products include Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, Smoked Back Ribs, Pulled Chicken, 3 superb BBQ sauces, 2 Dry Rubs, Habanero Salt, Habanero Vinegar and many more fun little things.

I am  also the experimental cook in the family, I am willing to try anything at least once in the kitchen and I have a ton of experiments to share with you. I also come up with my own recipes, some people have tried and I have changed to either suit my own needs or flavours, others I have no idea if someone else has tried (probably, food isn’t new you know)

Beth Koster (aka Mommy, @BBQmommy)

My knife skills scare my husband and I am the killer of proofing bread. So, I am primarily relegated to amateur photographer and taste tester … both of which suit me quite fine.

Miss E. (the little girl)

Miss E is our adventurous 4.5 year old.  She loves to help us create in the kitchen – getting her to sit and eat is another story.

Little Man (the little boy)

The little man is almost 2.  He was an eater from birth.  Unfortunately his palate isn’t very refined yet, and can often be seen eating rocks, ants and dirt.  Yay for building immunity.